Download PDFs of the most recent newsletters from America's Blood Centers:

  • ABC News 6/23/17: Changing Recruitment Messaging Using Evidence-based Research
  • ABC News 6/9/17: Sharing Business Metrics with Staff to Increase Engagement
  • ABC News 6/2/17: An Update on the ABC Data Warehouse
  • ABC News 5/26/17: Blood Donor Iron Mitigation Committee Forms
  • ABC News 4/21/17: Itís a Family Affair at Rural Blood Centers
  • ABC News 4/14/17: Ambulance Transfusions on the Fast Track
  • ABC News 4/7/17: Manufactured Red Blood Cells Could Be on the Horizon
  • ABC News 3/31/17: 55th ABC Annual Meeting Brings Members Together
  • ABC News 3/17/17: Success in Minority Recruitment Programs
  • ABC News 3/10/17: 20th Annual Awards of Excellence Recipients Announced
  • ABC News 3/2/17: Helping Protect and Replenish Iron Stores in Blood Donors
  • ABC News 2/24/17: Right to Donate: Concerns and Accommodations for Transgender Donors
  • ABC News 2/17/17: Succession Planning: A Critical, but Not Formal, Process
  • ABC News 2/10/17: Two of America’s Blood Centers’ Largest Members Join Together
  • ABC News 2/3/17: America’s Blood Centers Professional Institute (API): More Than a Portal
  • ABC News 1/27/17: Update to the Common Rule Protecting Human Research Trial Participants
  • ABC News 1/20/17: Dusting Off the Delicacy of Platelets
  • ABC News 1/13/17: Pathogen Reduction Technology Treated Platelets for Pediatric Patients
  • No ABC Newsletters published for Dec. 30 or Jan. 6.
  • ABC News 12/23/16: ABC Chief Medical Officer Louis Katz to Retire
  • ABC News 12/16/16: Blood Center Apps: Donor Scheduling on the Run
  • ABC News 12/9/16: Blood Centers and the Trending T-Cell Therapeutics Market
  • ABC News 12/2/16: The Advisory Committee on Blood & Tissue Safety & Availability (ACBTSA) Meets to Discuss Sustainability of Blood Supply
  • ABC News 11/21/16: The Blood Products Advisory Committee (BPAC) Votes on Strategies to Mitigate Iron Deficiency in Blood Donors and Adverse Reactions in Teen Donors
  • ABC News 11/14/16: Changing the Universal Mindset A Push For More Type-Specific Blood Matching

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