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April 2013 AABB Recommends Restrictive Approach to RBC Transfusion
June 2013 Transfusion-Associated Circulatory Overload (TACO)
October 2013 Overview of Direct Thrombin Inhibitors: With an Emphasis on Monitoring and Urgent Reversal Strategies
December 2013 Meeting the Needs of Jehovah's Witness Patients
May 2014 Thromboelastographic Goal-Directed Blood Component Therapy for Severe Hemorrhage
July 2014 Overview of Factor Xa Inhibitors: Evaluation, Bleeding Management and What’s Coming Next
October 2014 Patient Blood Management: Beyond Sensible Use of Blood for Better Outcomes
January 2015 Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia
April 2015 Platelet Transfusion Refractoriness
July 2015 Preoperative Autologous Blood Donation & Orthopedic Surgery
October 2015 Platelet Transfusions in Adults—A Review of AABB’s 2015 Clinical Practice Guideline
January 2016 Red Blood Cell Transfusions: Does Storage Age Matter?
July 2016 Pathogen Reduction of Transfusable Blood Products
November 2016 Oral Platelet Inhibitory Drugs and Bleeding Complications: Implications for Transfusion
January 2017 Platelet Transfusions for Patients with Consumptive Thrombocytopenias