Regular Orders

Regular orders of components are for ones that United Blood Services keeps in stock. Time frame of delivery (for stock, routine, ASAP, STAT) depends on the distance from the blood center to your facility.

The following guidelines are used by United Blood Services for time frames to ship regular orders. Stated time is from the order time to when the shipment leaves the center.

  • STAT: Not more than 1 hour from the time an order is taken to the time it is shipped.
  • ASAP: Not more than 4 hours from the time an order is taken to the time it is shipped.
  • Stock (standing orders/routines): Order is shipped as workload and product availability permit, but not later than 24 hours from the time the order is taken.
  • Surgery: As designated by the customer. From the time the order is taken to the time it needs to be shipped to meet the customer’s need.

Time frames may vary by location, so contact your blood center for clarifications. They may also vary due to other factors (e.g., blood shortages, 3 day weekends, high usage).

A blood stock level, as determined by United Blood Services and the transfusion facility, is rotated on a scheduled basis as agreed upon. When possible, United Blood Services requests the use of shorter dated units first, and the timely release of untransfused, crossmatched blood for other patient use or return to the blood center.

When placing an order, indicate type(s) of blood component(s), quantity and time frame for delivery.

Special Orders

Special Orders are for components that require special handling, testing, or components not available in stock at United Blood Services. Not all blood centers may provide the complete list of options.

PEDIATRIC COMPONENTS Units requested for pediatric use may be aliquoted by United Blood Services (plasma) or supplied with a satellite bag (or bags) attached to the primary unit for aliquoting at the Transfusion Facility.
WASHED Red Cells or Platelets requested as washed have a reduced outdate (24 hours and 4 hours respectively).
IRRADIATED Cellular components can be requested as irradiated. Directed Donor units from blood relatives require irradiation.
DIRECTED DONOR/ AUTOLOGOUS These reserved units must be ordered to be drawn prior to transfusion need by the patient’s attending physician.
ANTIGEN NEGATIVE Red cell units can be supplied as confirmed or unconfirmed depending on transfusion facility request and blood center policy. Rare units may be available as liquid or frozen, but may need to be imported from another center. If frozen, United Blood Services will deglycerolize the unit prior to delivery; this shortens the shelf life of the units to 24 hours.
CMV SERONEGATIVE Cellular components can be requested as CMV seronegative.
HGB S NEGATIVE Red cell components can be requested as Hgb S negative.
GRANULOCYTES Collected only after discussion with the United Blood Services Medical Director.
WHOLE BLOOD Available at special request.
Special platelet considerations:
REDUCED VOLUME Platelet pheresis components can be prepared to remove plasma volume. This process shortens the shelf life to 4 hours from when the process starts, and allows only a very short time for administration at the Transfusion Facility.
LOW PLATELET YIELD Transfusion Facilities may choose to accept platelet pheresis components with a platelet yield less than 3.0 x 1011. Platelet units containing <3.0 but >2.5 x 1011 will be charged as normal units. Platelet units containing >1.5 but <2.5 x 1011 will be charged at a lesser fee.
UNAVAILABLILITY OF BACTERIALLY SCREENED UNITS Platelets are screened for bacterial contamination which takes approximately 48 hours from collection. If required for transfusion prior to this time, Hospital Services initiates the approval from the Transfusion Facility. Once testing is completed, the Transfusion Facility will only be notified if testing is positive.
HLA MATCHED (refer to Blood Systems Laboratories for the HLA lab found at this link)
CROSSMATCHED (refer to Blood Systems Laboratories for the IRL lab found at this link)

Contact your blood center for center-specific procedures for ordering these components.

Emergency Release Process

A discussion with Hospital Services and/or the United Blood Services Medical Director may facilitate the process for delivery of these special units.

Units that are not yet completely tested require release following the United Blood Services Emergency Release Process. Whole blood and blood components may be issued only when such issue is essential to allow time for transportation to ensure arrival of the blood by the time it is needed for transfusion. Contact your blood center representative for the proper documentation for Emergency Release.

Certain components that cannot be completely tested may also be released upon approval by the attending physician (and our receipt of a signed Emergency Releasae Document, BS 341, available from your blood center representative). Rare, unlicensed frozen units fall in this category.

Process for Issuing Unlicensed Components

Certain components are only available as unlicensed by FDA. The requesting physician must supply a medical need statement for delivery of these products.

Derivatives and reagents

Blood product derivatives and serologic reagents are available from BioCARE through your United Blood Services center. Contact the Hospital Services department to obtain information on ordering the derivatives/reagents. The Hospital Services department may deliver the supplies to your facility. BioCARE personnel deliver directly to some locations.

Available from BioCARE:
  • Albumin
  • Coagulants
  • Fibrin Sealant
  • Hyper Immune Globulin
  • IM Immune Globulin
  • IV Immune Globulin
  • Rh Immune Globulin
  • Blood Banking Reagents

Refer to the Blood Components and Derivatives section of this website for information relating to commonly ordered derivatives.


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