Packing blood units for shipment.

The Hospital Services department of United Blood Services distributes blood products to hospitals and other transfusion facilities for patient use. Hospital Services is also responsible for handling patient specimens requiring testing at the blood center and blood products returned to the blood center. Derivatives and reagents may be delivered by Hospital Services personnel at some centers.

Each transfusion facility must sign a “Hospital Services Agreement Letter” detailing expectations and requirements for delivery and storage of blood products, return privileges when applicable, and special services provided by United Blood Services or Blood Systems Laboratories.

This section of the Web site covers topics related to the order and delivery of blood products, in addition to other issues covered in the Agreement Letter. Contact Hospital Services for routine communications or the Hospital Services Director for other questions you may have. Certain topics are dependent on specific United Blood Services center processes. For questions, contact the Hospital Services department or Director for the center supplying your blood.

If you utilize United Blood Services for compatibility testing services, please go to the Transfusion Medicine section of the Web site for placing orders and delivery of these components.


Blood center component service (processing) fees should be listed on patients’ bills separately from hospital blood related charges. 

Contact your Blood Center Hospital Services department with questions related to product or service fees, requests for credits or billing issues. They may refer you to the Blood Systems corporate Finance department.


Upon request by the FDA, CAP, AABB or United Blood Services, its agents and employees, the transfusion facility shall allow reasonable on-site inspection of blood storage facilities during normal business hours. They shall also allow the review and copying of the storage facility’s SOP for blood component storage and quality assurance records relating to blood component storage and handling.


Blood Systems and its divisions and affiliates provide comprehensive transfusion medicine services. These include: BioCARE • Blood Services (Blood Centers of the Pacific, BloodSource, Bonfils Blood Center, Community Blood Services, Inland Northwest Blood Center, The Institute for Transfusion Medicine, Lifeblood, LifeShare, LifeStream, United Blood Services) • Blood Systems Laboratories • Blood Systems Research Institute • Creative Testing Solutions